E-Mails: Equilar 2011 Top 25 Survey

Project scope: Each year, Equilar releases its Top 25 Survey, which compiles proprietary data on the pay of the top 25 executives at over 700 companies. Because companies are only legally required to release annual pay data for their five highest-paid executives, this information is extremely valuable to clients looking to benchmark the pay of vice presidents and other mid-level executives. This e-mail was sent by the sales team to prospective purchasers.

Pay Beyond the Top 5: Equilar's 2011 Top 25 Survey

Hi [name],

Equilar has just released the results of our 2011 Top 25 Survey. With over 700 participating companies, it's our biggest study of executive pay beyond the proxies to date-- and thanks to our Survey data product, it's easy to find the results you need to benchmark your own executives' pay. Here's why you should consider purchasing the Equilar Top 25 Survey.

  • A trusted source. Equilar is the leading executive-compensation data provider, with research appearing regularly in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as on CNBC. Our subscribers include over 1,100 corporations and all 20 of the top 20 compensation consultants.
  • Data you can't find anywhere else. Go beyond the proxies with full compensation data for the top 25 executives at over 700 companies-- including salary, equity pay, perks, and more. Data is reported by the firms themselves and fact-checked by our award-winning research team, ensuring the utmost accuracy.
  • Customized, relevant info in minutes. Search by position, industry, market cap, region, and more to create a customized benchmark for your execs. Instantly export data to a presentation-ready Excel document.

For more information on Equilar's 2011 Top 25 Survey, visit our website or reply to this e-mail to set up a brief demo. Don't miss out on this proprietary pay data-- talk to us today.

Equilar, Inc.

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