Press Releases: Equilar

When companies need to decide how much to pay a CEO or other top executive, they turn to Equilar for its comprehensive database of executive and board member compensation. Equilar also regularly provides individual pay figures and analysis of pay trends to the media, including The New York Times' annual survey of CEO pay and regular features on CNBC.

I wrote the majority of Equilar's press releases in 2010 and 2011. A complete list is below. (Note: Links go to Equilar's site.)

10/24/2011 Equilar Ranked as One of the Fastest-Growing Silicon Valley Private Companies


Equilar CEO David Chun Named to 2011 NACD Directorship 100

09/15/2011 Over 700 Companies Provide Data In 2011 Equilar Top 25 Survey of Executive Compensation

08/22/2011 Equilar Announces Termination of Agreement with ISS

06/09/2011 Equilar's Third-Annual Summit Draws Executive Compensation Experts

02/28/2011 Equilar Surpasses 1,000 Clients in 2010, Grows 40 Percent

11/17/2010 Committee Pay Mostly Stagnant from 2007 to 2009

10/20/2010 New Equilar Report Features Exclusive Data on HR Executive Pay

09/16/2010 63 Percent of S&P 1500 Companies Revised Their Peer Group in 2009

08/30/2010 Equilar Publishes 2010 Top 25 Survey; Participation Up Over 100%

08/25/2010 Clawback Prevalence Continues to Rise in Fortune 100

08/04/2010 Director Stock Ownership Guidelines in Place at 84 Percent of Fortune 250

07/28/2010 Over 80 Percent of Fortune 250 Companies Use Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines

07/14/2010 Median Total Compensation Down, Bonuses Up For Chief Operating Officers

06/30/2010 Equilar Study: Value of CEO Perks Drops 28.3 Percent in 2009

06/24/2010 Total CFO Compensation Slips, Bonuses Go Up in S&P 400 and 600

06/09/2010 CFO Compensation Drops, But Bonuses Rise in Equilar's S&P 500 Study

05/12/2010 Bucking Trend, S&P 400 CEO Compensation Rises in Equilar Pay Study

05/05/2010 Overall CEO Compensation Falls, But Bonuses Surge in S&P 500 Pay Study

04/21/2010 Long-Term Performance Compensation Is Most Popular Risk-Management Strategy

03/24/2010 Fewer CEOs Receive Equity in Latest Period

03/18/2010 CEO Bonuses Down Overall in 2009, But Year-End Filers See Bonuses Rise

03/10/2010 CEO Bonuses Fell in 2009, According to New Equilar Compensation Research

03/03/2010 Equilar Surpasses 800 Corporate Subscribers and Ends 2009 with 20% Revenue Growth

02/23/2010 Equilar Executive Compensation Summit Registration Opens