Web Copy: Ask Community About Page

Project scope: Ask.com asked me to create a short, friendly overview for their Community site that would encourage users to sign up. You can see this copy in action here.

Ask Community About Page

Got a question? You’ve come to the right place.

Here at Ask, we’re dedicated to answering your questions, whether they’re as big as deciding when to have a child or as small as knowing who won the 1979 World Series. (The Pittsburgh Pirates, in case you were wondering.) Here’s why you should bring your questions to us:

  • We’ll ask our friends. The Ask community is made up of millions of real people just like you, asking and answering questions that interest them. When you post a question, there’s a network of people ready to provide an answer.
  • It’s simple, fast, and free. Ask a brief yes-or-no question, or provide plenty of details on a complex issue: it’s up to you. Either way, we’ll never charge you to ask or answer questions.
  • Quality answers, delivered. We send your questions to those who are best qualified to answer them, so you get the most relevant results delivered right to your inbox.
  • You have the answers, too. Share your knowledge and experiences by answering questions in your areas of expertise, or picking the best existing answers, so others can benefit.

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