Web Copy: Ask.com App Store Landing Page

Project scope: Ask.com launched an iPhone app version of their Community feature, which allows users to ask questions and answer other users' questions. I was asked to write the copy for the iPhone App Store landing page.

Ask.com iPhone App

Get free answers to your questions—right on your iPhone

Life is full of questions—and they tend to arise when you’re out and about. What’s the best sushi place around here? What’s the difference between leeks and green onions? Is my favorite show airing tonight? With Ask’s free iPhone app, you’ll never be without the answers. When you pose a question on Ask, we automatically send it to the best person for the job, notifying you when they provide an answer. Best of all, asking questions is completely free: no service fees and no SMS charges.

Meet the Community

The Ask community is made up of people just like you, answering questions tailored to their smarts. Our system makes sure your question goes to the person who’s best qualified to answer it. Want to be a part of our community? Sign up to answer questions about your areas of expertise, or browse the most popular questions and add your two cents.

Voice-to-Text Search

Driving? Carrying a few grocery bags? Just got a manicure? No problem. With our voice-to-text feature, you can ask your question without fiddling with a keyboard. Want to answer someone else’s question? Voice-to-text works for that, too.

Location, Location, Location

Looking for something in an area you don’t know all that well? Using your iPhone’s location feature, you can pose your question with information on where you are. We’ll find a local who can hook you up with the best pizza or nearest drugstore in no time.

Other Features

  • Sort questions by location and category
  • Intelligent question routing—answer the questions that are best for you
  • Customized communications—specify how frequently you want to answer questions
  • E-mail alerts
  • Custom profile with avatar
  • Vote on your favorite answers
  • Comment on any question
  • View most popular questions by category

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