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The Big Short
Business Insider, 2023

A yearlong investigation into a "game-changer" penis-enlargement implant gone wrong, leaving many men who received it deformed and in excruciating pain.

I Want My Scrat Back
Business Insider, 2022

The designer behind Pamela Anderson's iconic pink fur hat says the studio behind the "Ice Age" movies stole the character of Scrat from her. Two decades on, she's still fighting for justice.

Ozempic Is Everywhere — And So Are the Risks
Business Insider, 2023

Off-label versions of semaglutide, the drug better known as Ozempic, can be sourced online for a much lower price. But sketchy supply chains can lead to serious dangers for consumers.

Business Insider, 2022

Gen Zers report that choking has become standard practice during hookups — usually without explicit consent. Sex researchers explain why the trend took off, the dangers it can present, and what to do about it.

How Covid Divorces Became a Parenting "Cheat Code" For Moms
Business Insider, 2022

After divorcing or breaking up with their partners over pandemic-related conflict, some women say they're surprised how much easier parenting has become.

Who Killed Hapa Ramen?
Eater, 2015

A smash-hit ramen pop-up looking to go brick-and-mortar. A mouthy, Twitter-famous chef. A tech investor with no industry experience. How a white-hot San Francisco restaurant imploded after just four months.