So, you need...

A content manager

A seasoned journalist

You want to start a blog or newsletter, but you're not feeling confident in your voice or need help refining your ideas. I can teach you how to improve your writing and thinking, and offer accountability for actually getting it done.

You've been tasked with producing a lot of words: blog posts, SEO content, website copy, UX copy. I can consult on your vision, connect you with talented writers and organize the work so it arrives on-time, on-budget and on-spec.

A coach

You're looking for an editor who can jump right in to cover for a key team member who's on leave. You need a skilled reporter to deliver a polished draft on a tight deadline. Or maybe you want to get your work in front of a journalist, but have no clue how to approach them or what to say when you do. I've got your back.

You have a big document in the works — a pitch, a proposal, a presentation — and it needs to be perfect. I'll ensure your arguments are sound, your writing is tight and your typos are vaporized.

A sounding board

Get in touch.

You can email me at allie.pape at, but this form will work too.