Copy and content

I've done pretty much every type of corporate writing that exists.

Website copy. Blog posts. Emails and newsletters. UX copy. Whitepapers. Print ads. Internal comms. External comms. SEO copy. Product copy.

I've created brand voice and style guides for major companies. I've run a scrappy craft brewery's Instagram account. I've produced an entire in-house company magazine.

Here are a few examples from my vast portfolio of corporate writing. If you want an example of my work in a specific medium, email me and I can probably find it. Or better yet, hire me for an hour or two and I'll make you something custom.

Content strategy and style guide

I joined Nextdoor's content strategy team after they acquired my then-employer, the local news startup Hoodline.

With a designer and developer, I helped create a neighborhood guide product for them, writing all the UX copy. I also did the UX copy for their contact sync feature.

My biggest project was creating their in-house style guide and brand voice guidelines (Google doc).


Whitepapers and blog posts

Lithium (now Khoros) was one of the earliest companies to offer customizable forums, where customer service representatives and superfans could help customers select products and resolve technical issues.

I wrote a lot of whitepapers and case studies (like this one and this one) and also served as their in-house "journalist," liveblogging their annual conference and posting highlights on their social media accounts.

Lithium Technologies

Company taglines

Zendesk wanted a new company tagline. I gave them 25 to choose from — all aligned with different aspects of their branding, from their "zen" moniker to their value propositions for different customer groups.